“…because it’s the best way to meet the right people.”

This is where you get to experience the “Face-to-Face Magic”. Sponsoring or Exhibiting at the Artificial Intelligence Conference grants you the magic moment when you get to showcase your products and services. This is where the farming imagery happens – NETWORKING!…Because Networking is more about “farming” than it is about “hunting”. It’s about cultivating relationships with your prospects.

Here is an opportunity to meet with decision makers who want to make AI their fore runner in their businesses.

  • Make business worthy contacts  – Meet with industry gurus, senior people – share your expertise and grow your business network.
  • Best speakers in the industry – Here is where you apply the art of listening. You will be well informed. The industry leaders that are developing and implementing major AI strategies and projects will speak, come and listen.
  • AI innovation – You will get to Engage with the industry’s leading solution providers, spearheading innovation in AI research and product development.
  • Networking – Experience our Intelligent Networking Service, a real-life application of AI combined with the human touch that delivers unrivaled results in networking among attendees.
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